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Class/Session Descriptions

Every studio has different class types with different names, and that can get confusing... To help alleviate that, we have provided in depth descriptions of each of our classes to make it easier for you to decide which one is best for you.  You may then use the links below to schedule privates or group classes through MindBody Online. Please contact us if you still have questions, or would like help picking a class. If you are new to mind-body movement, have any past injuries or movement concerns, we request you do the reduced price Explorer Package (Privates) before starting class with us the first time. 


Pilates Class Clarification:

Reformer:  Our studio uses Allegro and Studio Reformers and is limited to 5 participants for quality instruction. Reformers provide resistance through the use of varying spring strengths and the practitioner’s own body weight. Exercises can be performed lying down, sitting, prone, kneeling and standing depending on the needs of individuals and level of ability in each particular class. Pilates “props” and floor work may be added in as well.


Mat:  Movements and exercises performed on a floor mat (thicker than a yoga mat). This is a nice way to experience the Pilates Principles and learn the exercises without also having to get used to new equipment. The mat Movement Essentials class is a great place to start and ensure a proper foundation and patterning for all the Pilates repertoire/equipment before joining Reformer classes. A bonus is these exercises can be easily practiced at home. Many then come back to classical mat or reformer as they understand the work in a deeper way. (We currently offer Movement Essentials and are taking sign-ups for traditional Mat classes.)

How do I choose between Mat and Reformer?

Class Descriptions:

Reformer 1 

This class focuses on bringing the Movement Essentials into the Reformer work. Clients are guided through the basic exercises in all spatial arrangements as appropriate for each class. 

Emphasis is on proper breathing and body mechanics, a solid foundation for a functional core and scapular stabilization. As always, this class is a wonderful blend of strengthening and stretching. Predominately closed-chain exercises.

Reformer 1/2 

Appropriate class for those bridging between Reformer 1 and 2. This client is proficient in Movement Essentials and very familiar with Reformer 1 repertoire, but is not yet holding the new movement patterns consistently enough for Reformer 2 due to experience or past injury.

Reformer 2

A class for those who consistently display proficiency in the Reformer 1 repertoire and a command of Movement Essentials. More challenging and complex exercises/variations are introduced. An ability to be able to maintain core control throughout an exercise and on an inhale is necessary. More standing and quadruped work, more long lever exercises, and more rotation are included.

(currently there are no Reformer 2 offerings)

Reformer 2/3*     

A class for those ready for more challenging exercises, but needing consideration for continuing compensatory patterns. Endurance and breath control is a must at this level as this has progressed as well as the exercise repetoire. Advanced level exercises are performed but consideration is still given for variations.


(Taking sign-ups for virtual offerings for those who have reformers at home.)

Movement Essentials Mat*

A mat class to explore the foundational principles of movement. Whether a self proclaimed clutz or a seasoned athlete working through the newest level of compensatory patterning, this is where one can learn how to break down faulty movement patterns and recreate more efficient, biomechanically sound ones. 

This knowledge will serve you in all that you do and transfer into your daily life. A huge bonus: These exercises can easily be done at home or when you travel to augment your fitness program. Workout on a deep level utilizing safe movements. *This class is a blend of Pilates Foundations, ZOGA, Hannah Somatics, fascia informed movement and Z Health.

Makes an excellent active recovery  workout.

Gentle Yoga*

*A yoga class that incorporates breath practices, Z-Health approaches: joint mobilizations, brain balancing, eye exercises and the traditional Hatha flow of standing, seated and floor postures while being careful of chronic injuries. (Currently taking sign -ups.)

OOV Group Class*

The OOV is an innovative tool and approach that we use to perform movements that will challenge and rejuvenate the fascia, musculoskeletal system, stability/mobility strategies and help balance the nervous system and brain inputs. This revolutionary tool must be experienced to be understood. It is amazing for people of any fitness level and can be used by the elite athlete or the rehab client to further movement goals and improve overall function. 

Makes an excellent active recovery workout.


This class is currently LIVESTREAM and in studio.

Z-Health Group Class* 

A group class enabling you to get many of the benefits of Z-Health without the cost of privates. This 12 week program focuses on 3 Pillars of function: Vision, Balance, and quality of movement. We will be improving joint function and mobility, checking balance and the vestibular system, and looking to de-activate your pain pathways. Visual drills are also performed. Beneficial for people of all different movement capabilities- from the athlete to the disabled. 

This is a wonderful class to do virtually from the comfort of your home. We are taking sign-ups.

by a class title means there may be elements of Z-Health/neurocentric work incorporated into the class.

Private Descriptions:


These sessions are custom designed and lead by our skilled instructors to focus on your personal goals as well as our assessment of your needs for the most optimum functioning you can achieve. 

Exercises will be done drawing on all available equipment and incorporate all methodologies the instructor is trained in: including leading edge approaches with the OOV, Core Align, suspension, Rossiter, Metamorphosis, Z-Health and more. 

You can learn at your own pace, without distraction and receive instant feedback and correction. They may be done solely or in conjunction with group classes. Without a doubt, a superb way to really see results. BYOB-Bring Your Own Buddy for duets!

Myofascial Release

Reel Performance offers a variety of approaches to myofascial dysfunction. The Rossiter System is a method for targeted relief and prevention of structural pain. It is a unique and effective approach, derived from Rolfing. It typically provides fast pain relief and profound anatomical change. Rossiter initiates change by addressing the myofascial system layers. It actively engages the client in a series of techniques for resolving restriction of movement at its source – the connective tissue. 


These sessions are done with clothes on and predominantly on a floor mat and may incorporate tools like RockBlades and Theragun. 

Myofascial bodywork must be paid for as a private either with the single session or package options. Excellent foractive recovery.

Metamorphosis creates peace within by addressing unconscious tension. Unconscious tension is underneath all that you are trying to fix, change, and heal.

Metamorphosis uses reflexology points and works on feet, hands, head and spine. A treatment is non-verbal and deeply relaxing. Using gentle touch, we work on the bony structures of the feet, hands, head, and directly on the spine. You remain fully clothed during the process with the exception of your feet.

Curious to know more?

Daniel Vladeta on his brilliant invention the OOV...

Why Dr. Cobb created Z health....

What People Are Saying:

"I was ready to give up and just exist with back pain when Nyla came into my life. She has given me the tools to getting my core muscles properly working together."

Mary P.

CLASS SCHEDULE                                

MONDAY-        Reformer 2: 9am

TUESDAY-        Reformer 1/2: 10am

                           Reformer 1/2: 4:30pm


                            Reformer 2: 11am

THURSDAY-     Reformer 2/3: 9am

                           Movement Essentials Mat Work: 10am

FRIDAY-            Reformer 2/3: 9am


Available for Private and Duet sessions M-F usually from 8:30-5pm during non class times

(taking sign-ups for yoga, Z-Health group, Matwork, and fascial based stretching classes)

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