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Our Team Has A Passion For Helping All Of Our Clients Live Their Best Life


Nyla Newman

Program Director/Instructor

Nyla Newman has been a movement instructor and teaching Pilates and yoga for over 30 years. It has been a lifelong love of the body and it's potential. The blessing of being trained by first and second generation Pilates greats, has given her a deep appreciation for both the contemporary ingenuity and the depth of the classical work. Nyla is also a certified yoga instructor and trained in 5 styles. 


She owned and operated a Pilates and yoga studio in Colorado Springs where besides group instruction, she specialized in personalized rehabilitative programs and instructed national teacher trainings and large group workshops in both Pilates and yoga. She created a yoga program for the US Olympic downhill ski team, and has worked with many professional athletes. 


 A traumatic brain injury opened the door to her fascination with how training the brain can upregulate our entire system and affect our body's movement quality thus leading her to the OOV and Z-Health. Over the many years of working with bodies and how they move, Nyla found she could not successfully change patterning without addressing the nervous and fascial systems. Thus she also incorporates myofascial bodywork into her sessions as warranted, and is available for sessions that solely focus on that as well. 


She embraces a Somatic approach to her work and desires for everyone she works with to have the highest functioning body and brain they are capable of, so they can enjoy the things they love in life.


*Core Align

*Z-Health neuro-centric training

*Thai Massage

*Rossiter System of myofascial release

*Rock Blades

*Barral Visceral Manipulation

*Metamorphosis Reflexology



Laura Adams

Rental Instructor

Laura brings her 30+ years of experience to the studio leading her own equipment classes. She is a beloved and talented instructor who delivers humor with her challenging classes.

Pam Reitan

Guest Instructor

Pam's mission is to transform student’s physical, mental and spiritual health through applying the principals of Pilates. Through this work, she provides personalized assessment, motivation, and attention to form to achieve freedom of motion in daily movement, better posture, increased muscle tone and peace of mind. She specializes in correction of spinal alignment and muscle imbalance using the fundamentals of Pilates based on The Method Pilates by Joan Briebarts, PhysicalMind Institute. Pam strives to empower students to learn efficient movement patterns that reduce excessive wear and tear on joints. Students learn to strengthen postural and proprioceptor muscles in a kind, supportive environment. The focus on the alignment, proper firing of kinetic chains of muscle engagement and breathing, is meditative and transformational- rejuvenating mind, body and soul. The focus is on progress, not perfection.


Pam brings 20+ years experience teaching wellness and correct movement, and Reel Performance is delighted to have her on the team as a substitute.

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