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Goldberg Brothers

As our parent company, we take pride in Goldberg's 120 year history of manufacturing excellence in Colorado. It is from that history, that we got our name. Goldberg was at its prime during the Golden Age of Hollywood when their movie Reels were produced and used by the movie Industry... in affect making them and their reels Hollywood legends. Today, Goldberg is proud to still be in the manufacturing industry and to produce Made in America products. To find out more please feel free to look at their website where you will see movie reels, and their newest best seller; Goldberg Barn Door Hardware!

Reel Performance is located in what we affectionately call the Reel Factory.  An homage to the buildings' owner Goldberg Brothers, and their history in the movie industry. You will see that influence throughout the building where Old Hollywood style reigns. In addition to being home to Reel Performance and Goldberg Brothers, the building also houses two large suites, smaller Executive Suites, the Behind The Scenes Tap House and food truck and The Reel Event Center for your special occasions.

Reel Factory Executive Suites

We are happy to be able to open our home at the Reel Factory to others looking for a place to call their own. Our Executive Suites were created with luxury and comfort at the forefront! With 20 rentable rooms as small as 100 sq ft and as large as 300 sq. ft, there is a room for everyone. This includes easy 24/7 fob access, a kitchen, fitness center, state of the art security, janitorial services, conference room, proximity to the Tap House and with the added bonus of being in the Reel Factory, what's not to love!


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