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The OOV is a revolutionary and favored tool at the studio


At Reel Performance we strive to give our clients (current ages 13-89) the opportunity to live their best life, and pursue what's important to them. Specializing in neuro-dynamic functional movement we offer a wide variety of movement improvement options to fit everyone's needs: from engaging Pilates classes to relaxing yoga classes. In the private sessions, we tailor a program just for you with our multi-discipline approach. That might involve myofascial release work, corrective exercises and then neuro-training, or perhaps a Pilates session and then next time- Metamorphosis reflexology. Reel Performance is so much more than just a Pilates studio. We teach from the latest research driven tools to support your optimal performance. Our studio utilizes Pilates equipment,

vibration therapy, the OOV, Core Align/and Tweener Bar+, MOTR and neuro-training to enhance your functional fitness. Work smarter not harder. We will do everything in our power to help you feel safe and motivated to continue towards your goals, because at Reel Performance we are focused on helping YOU live your best life.

What customers are saying about us:

"... I have completed 11 classes so far and have noticed a large difference in my movements both in and outside of class... I no longer have to convince myself to go to class but instead look for opportunities to get into extra classes."


Sam S.

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